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The finish and presentation of an image is of paramount importance to Mark Button Photography.  The high quality presentation of an image is key to achieving your satisfaction.  Mark Button Photography offers a comprehensive range of laminates and finishes to set us apart from the competition.  The laminates range from a simple satin finish to a punchy high gloss.
 The films provide superior protection from mechanical abrasion, moisture and pollutants. All contain UV stabilisers and absorbers to inhibit fading and discolouration from sunlight. Both decorative and plain finishes are available.
  Whilst I hope you find the images(s) you want on my website, I am also happy to print, frame, laminate  and mount a digital photograph supplied by you. Alternatively, by using my digital capture service I can copy a piece of your own artwork (for example a water colour or oil painting) and print this in your choice of format and size. This technique produces individual pieces of art to enhance your wall space. Please contact me for more details

This film is characterised by a full matt finish that completely eliminates reflections. It offers additional UV protection when used behind glass, yet is almost invisible. Matt film is most often used where lighting is unpredictable and uncontrollable, such as exhibition halls and other public areas.

This film is often used to laminate posters and prints, as its subtle finish closely mimics that of the printed piece. The satin sheen finish reduces glare, but does not reduce contrast, as the film is relatively thin.

A polypropylene film with a gloss finish that is both strong, yet economical. It can be used to impart a gloss finish to any flat artwork, regardless of its original finish.

This ultra gloss polyester laminate offers a finish similar to Cibachrome prints. With the highest degree of gloss available, it delivers an almost mirror-like finish. This film is preferred where impact and vibrant colours are the key elements of the artwork. For best results, it should be used only with ultra smooth boards.

This glare-resistant film is ideal for graphics that will be sub- jected to prolonged exposure in public places and exhibit halls. It displays a pleasing sandy texture that is also scuff resistant. When used in conjunction with the right adhe- sives, it can be used to create durable floor graphics.

ICE 80μ
This film has the same scuff-resistant properties as Sand Texture, but with a heavier, crystal-like finish, that resembles crushed ice.

This delicate, fabric-textured laminate is specified by photographers wishing to impart a subtle-yet-decorative finish to their work. It is also useful for disguising minor creases and cracks in prints and posters.

This film displays a mid-gauge fabric texture resembling rough cotton. It is commonly used on larger format artwork where a finer finish may be lost. The rougher gauge of this film is capable of hiding large imperfections in prints and posters.

A heavy-texture film, resembling hessian or canvas. The rough, embossed surface of this film is capable of hiding quite large imperfections in prints and posters.

This film imparts a unique brushed steel finish to your artwork and can be used with modern style frames to create a contemporary feel.

This film has a tiny diamond faceted surface texture that scatters light to give a deep lustrous finish to print surfaces. It is reminiscent of our very popular Gloss Lustre heatseal finish and offers a high degree of scuff resistance. It is especially well suited to photographic subjects.