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  Giclee fine art prints

Giclée Prints are fine art prints produced using a digital print process, which employs inkjet technology.  

At Mark Button Photography we can produce a range of fine art prints by digitally capturing your image – be it a photograph or a painting small or large - to print onto one of the Giclée papers described below. By using a digital print process and inkjet technology the result is as good as, or even more eye-catching than the original.This process can be applied to anything from greetings cards, invitations and handouts to large pieces of art work for wall mounting and high end displays.  The Giclée papers all give weight, impact and texture to an image and produce high impact and individual results.

We test all the media we use for scratch and fade resistance and ensure we use the correct inks and printer profile to give perfect results every time. Please select the paper / finish from the options below. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the range of effects and finishes available from the papers described below.

Please try this service free of charge for the first image. I am happy to show you samples and test sheets of all the Giclée papers. 

Whilst I hope you find the images(s) you want on my website, I am also happy to print, frame and mount a digital photograph supplied by you. Alternatively, by using my digital capture service I can copy a piece of your own artwork (for example a water colour or oil painting) and print this in your choice of format and size. This technique produces individual pieces of art to enhance your wall space. Please contact me for more details.

 Matt print 240gsm
A clean, white, smooth matt paper with ultra image sharpness and a really smooth surface. At 240gsm, the extra weight gives this paper a soft, sumptuous feel and appearance as well as deep and crisp colours.

The exceptionally low metamerism in this paper gives it high credentials for the monochrome specialist.

A great everyday paper for matt surface requirements such as monochrome prints right through to colour reproduction work such as flyers and documents.

 Oyster prints 271gsm
 Oyster has a subtle pearl/lustre finish with a heavy base weight of 271gsm giving it a true photographic paper texture and finish.

Manufactured to be the whitest Oyster/Pearl surfaced paper on the market, this tough, instant dry, resin coated paper is finished with a UV protective, microporous supercoat giving it a high degree of water and fade resistance.

The exceptional demonstration of all colours and tones as well as a low metamerism index make this product suitable for both colour and monochrome images.

 Titanium Luster 280gsm
Titanium Lustre has a beautiful pronounced textured finish on a heavyweight 280gsm silver resin coated base.

This new photo paper truly resembles the look, feel and print quality of a metallic surface. Incredible detail and clarity is achievable delivering stunning high resolution visual impact and making your images just jump off the paper.

Its great tonal range, wide colour gamut and high D-max works extremely well with images that have vibrant colours, deep blacks or containing reflective metal surfaces such as chrome, silver or even gold! Everyday objects such as watches, jewellery, glass, metalwork and mirrors come to life with almost a 3D effect. Fully compatible with both dye and pigment inks.
Try printing your black and white images on this surface - you will not believe what you can achieve in the tonal highlights and greys. And, if you print HDR images on this surface, you have just taken your print output to another level altogether!

 Ultra Pearl 295gsm
 Its super pearl finish is unbelievably reminiscent of a laboratory print on Crystal Archive paper or the traditional pronounced pearl finish used in school photography prints.

It is instant dry with high water resistance and its super tough surface offers scratch resistant and anti-scuff properties that exceed anything else in the inkjet market for a paper of its type.

The application of a microporous UV protective coating on its heavy 295gsm base is designed to give your image the maximum longevity and robust protection in any environment.

This paper has its very own IPL (Image Protection Layer) technology, a special "scan-resistant" layer has been applied to the paper surface to make illegal high quality scanning reproduction virtually impossible.

 FB Gloss 295gsm
With a natural white, acid-free, slightly undulating base and is uncannily reminiscent of the traditional fibre-based material used in darkroom printing

The consistent gloss surface has a high D-Max at 2.2 and is virtually identical to that of the original darkroom paper, Agfa Record Rapid, creating a uniform greyscale - the perfect digital alternative to the darkroom fibre-based print!

Fibre Base Gloss has a microporous supercoat and is acid free. The surface is scuff-resistant.

Overall an extremely versatile paper for both colour and monochrome digital printing.

 FB Gloss Warmtone 295gsm
 The warm version of our highly acclaimed Fibre Base Gloss 295 and is uncannily similar to the warmtone fibre base material used in darkroom printing.

The slightly undulating, warm, gloss surface at 295gsm. t has a high D-Max virtually identical to that of Agfa Record Rapid (2.2D-max), creating an excellent greyscale, so making this paper the perfect digital alternative to the darkroom fibre-based print. Fibre Base Gloss Warmtone has an acid-free base with a weight of 295gsm. The microporous supercoat gives the surface great scuff-resistance as well as being instant dry - ideal for pigment ink!

Overall an extremely versatile paper for both colour and monochrome digital printing.

 FB ROYAL 325gsm
 The ultimate in smooth gloss, heavyweight 325gsm fibre based media.

Its whiter base and ultra smooth finish offer superior results in all areas of the image. The special back coating process enhances the flatness and ensures reliable paper feeding.

The multi-layer technology ensures the most brilliant colours and fade resistance and the excpetionally high D-Max with pigment inks makes it ideal for colour and monochrome reproduction.

 A triple weighted, bright white paper with an acid-free fibre base (baryta) which takes your print quality to the next level!

This 360gsm, triple weight paper imitates the traditional look and feel of true baryta and provides an almost '3D' quality and appearance to many printed images.

The premium, high white gloss finish guarantees the full archival stability.
FB Distinction received a 5 Star Award from Amateur Photographer magazine in 2011..."The slight gloss finish provides punchy colours, high contrast black and white prints, and an impressive scratch and finger print resistant surface."

 A superior coated fibre art media of 290gsm base weight with a pearl/lustre finish. The 'fine art' version of our popular digital photo Oyster 271 paper.

The alpha cellulose base is lignin free and pH neutral.

It is internally buffered to enhance fade resistance from any changing o-zone effects.

Exceptionally high D-Max with pigment inks making it ideal for colour and monochrome reproduction with rich colours and deep blacks which 'jump' off the paper.

 ARTIST 210gsm
 A 210gsm canvas-like textured art paper with an off-white base.

Made with 50% cotton rag, the base is pH neutral and mould made.

Ideally suited to the reproduction of Artists' watercolour work or the output of a photograph in which you wish to achieve subtle, artistic impression. It has a very high colour gamut volume for an art paper of its type.

An absolute 'need-to-have' for any artist wanting to reproduce digital injet copies of their works!

 MUSEUM 310gsm
 A slightly textured, 310gsm off-white base and absolutely sumptuous fine art paper.

A mould-made paper which is pH neutral and has a high colour gamut volume with low colour error.

As the name suggests, a wonderfully subtle texture that has all the attributes for Museum standard inkjet printing. Ideal for galleries, museums and photographers who intend to create fine art prints in colour with a high degree of detail and pronounced texture

 A highly calendered, whiter based fine art paper with a 285gsm base and an undulating surface - it creates a ridid high quality feel and paper structure similar to a true parchment but in an inkjet form.

This uneven surface prints beautifully and will give the images shadow and movement, creating life in still format. A high D-Max and low colour error makes this acid-free surface suitable for a wide range of image types.

Ideal for images with cloud, smoke, sand or landscape and widely used for producing invitations and certificates.

PAPYRUS 300gsm
 A very rough textured paper surface with a lot of character.

Its off-white base of 300gsm weight is made of 100% cotton linters producing a pH neutral material with a very heavy high quality feel and rigidity.

Used very extensively in the reproduction of art images and pastel colour fine art photographs and images where a pronounced rough texture is required i.e. walls, stone and sand.

The lightest weight fine art paper that we make.

It is a 100% cotton rag base, 220gsm in weight and totally acid-free.

The base has a natural, slightly off-white appearance and replicates colours with great depth and clarity.

The perfect fine art paper to handle and manage through any inkjet printer whether using it for creating personal portfolio work, invitation cards or simply for true digital giclee output.

 PORTRAIT 300gsm
 A classically smooth, mould-made, 100% cotton rag matt base.

This is the heavyweight version of Portfolio with a weight of 300gsm - a totally acid-free and highly calendered art paper.

Smooth skin tones and a wide monochrome tonal range can be achieved.

This has become the social, wedding and portrait photographers stock product.

Metamerism figures are exceptionally low and the D-Max is amongst the best figures recorded - making this a paper you just have to try!

 Whiter than white...

Featuring many of the characteristics that have made our Portrait 300 one of most recognised and used papers, we have now introduced this whiter based version.

We have met the requirements of our customers who love the outstanding quality offered by Portrait 300 but require a higher level of colour vibrancy that a whiter base delivers.

This acid-free, smooth, highly calendered 285gsm base has been given our superior coating to give a more lively feeling to the subject.

Reproductions will exhibit a high D-MAX and wide colour gamut making it suitable for the subtlety of complex skin tones. 100% Alpha Cellulose base.

Excellent highlights and shadow detail!

 Portrait Velvet is 100% cotton rag material with a 310gsm base weight and is made with the purest cotton linters, which offer the highest archival performance.

Its ultra smooth surface has a soft velvet feel. The moment you pick up this beautiful inkjet paper you immediately appreciate what it can do for your images.

Created through the combined process of enhanced calendering and an improved inkjet coating, this paper will enhance any fine art reproduction. The multi-layer coating gives an extremely high D-Max and increased colour gamut.

A fine art paper with velvet feel that you will not be able to resist

 ALPHA 310gsm
A 100% cotton rag paper with a natural white 310gsm base

This acid-free paper provides the feel and appearance of traditional art materials. It has a high gamut volume and exceptional ability to return good skin tones, rich deep blacks and vibrant, sharp colours.

There are no optical brighteners (OBA's) used in its manufacture, making it very stable in any viewing condition.

 OMEGA 310gsm
 A 100% cotton rag paper with an enhanced whiter 310gsm base.

This acid-free paper upholds the appearance of high-key detail and colours to an exceptional standard. It has a high gamut volume and good ability to return a smooth gradation of skin tone.

Works extremely well with images that exhibit a lot of shadow detail and wide colour spectrum making it a good fine art choice for monochrome.

 A really special, 300gsm, acid-free smooth art paper with a totally unique ink receiving layer that exhibits a silk/semi-gloss sheen once printed on.

This superb coating is undetectable on the surface until the ink is applied and then bursts forth with a subtle, and yet, vibrant silk sheen.

A high level of colour vibrancy can be obtained and the tough surface is resistant to scratches and make sit tough for many applications.

Ideal for all reproductions of landscape, wildlife and creative digital art as well as portraiture.